Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Rights

HIV Scotland worked collaboratively with NAT (National AIDS Trust) to produce a suite of three distinct but complementary guides relating to disclosure (‘Your Voice’), confidentiality (‘Your Choice’) and rights (‘Your Rights’) in Scotland.

These guides were created with the aim of answering many of commonly asked questions that people living with HIV had in relation to these three challenging areas.

To find out more on each area follow the links below.

Your Voice: A Guide to Disclosure and HIV
Providing people with information on how, when, why or why not to disclose their HIV status.

Your Choice: A Guide to Confidentiality and HIV in Scotland
Detailing how information relevant to HIV is stored, used and shared by services in Scotland.

Your Rights: A Guide to Human Rights and HIV
Outlining the range of rights applicable to people living with or at risk of HIV, and demonstrating how human rights can be practically applied.