People living with HIV and Hepatitis C: Their views on welfare reforms

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Monday 25th June 2012

This is a report of research undertaken to highlight the foreseeable negative effects the current and proposed welfare reforms are likely to have on people living with Hepatitis C and HIV. We have highlighted seven recommendations we believe are necessary to ensure the reforms are an improvement for people in Scotland and are not detrimental for people living with HIV and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis Scotland and HIV Scotland recognise the economic, social and emotional problems associated with long term worklessness and the health benefits of employment related activity1. We support measures that have been taken in recent years to encourage and support people on longer term benefits to move towards readiness for work, such as Condition Management Programmes. However, we are very concerned that the impact of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 will have major implications and negative health effects for people living with Blood Borne Virus’ (BBV). Participation in these consultation events by people living with BBVs and agencies that work with people affected by BBVs highlighted key issues. We feel it is vitally important that these views of service users and agencies are taken into consideration.