National Third Sector Leads response to Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework consultation

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Thursday 2nd October 2014

A response to consultation on the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2011-2015 by the National Third Sector Leads Network.

The National Third Sector Leads Network is a subgroup of the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2011-2015. Its membership comprises national and regional third sector organisations and major UK charities, with a direct responsibility for people living with HIV or hepatitis C and B, as well as organisations with a sexual wellbeing role. It supports national mechanisms for consultation and involvement of people affected by sexual ill-health and blood borne viruses in improving the quality of services associated with Framework delivery.

The Third Sector Leads Network welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of the new Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework. Since the Framework was launched, the third sector has made a vital contribution towards achieving Framework outcomes and improving the lives of people and communities across Scotland.

As the current Framework document itself asserts, it is essential that the third sector is recognised for its role and contribution to tackling all three blood borne viruses (HIV, HCV, HBV) and addressing sexual wellbeing. If it is to succeed in achieving its aims, any new Framework must go further to ensure that the third sector is not only recognised but better supported by all partners to build upon its successes. It will also be essential that the new Framework seeks to address the challenges outlined in this response which threaten to undermine the progress which has been made to date.

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