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Title Date Topic Author Format
Policy Networks Matrix- Web version 18 June 2013 Scotland Policy HIV Scotland PDF
Policy Networks Matrix: Printer Friendly 18 June 2013 Scotland Policy HIV Scotland PDF
People living with HIV and Hepatitis C: Their views on welfare reforms 25 June 2012 Experiences HIV Scotland and Hepatitis Scotland PDF
Oral sex and transmission of HIV: Statement of risk 6 October 2006 Expert Advisory Group on Aids PDF
Occupational transmission of HIV 1 March 2005 Information and Guidance for the Occupational Setting Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections & Collaborators PDF
NHS Screening: Screening tests for you and your baby 1 January 2010 Information leaflets UK National Screening Committee View
National Third Sector Leads response to Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework consultation 2 October 2014 Scotland Policy National Third Sector Leads Network PDF
Looking after HIV: Considering the needs of HIV positive looked after children 30 May 2008 Attitudes Amanda Ely PDF
Keep safe: practical, everyday advice for HIV-infected people and their carers 1 March 1996 Information leaflets Department of Health View
Joint submission on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 3 September 2015 NAT (National AIDS Trust) and HIV Scotland PDF