Policy document library

Title Date Topic Author Format
Sexual Transmission or Exposure to Infection - Prosecution Policy 2 May 2012 Scotland Policy Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) PDF
Screening for infectious diseases in pregnancy 11 August 2003 Scotland Policy Department of Health PDF
Review of the evidence on risk of HIV transmission associated with oral sex 1 June 2000 Expert Advisory Group on AIDS PDF
'Respect and Responsibility' - Scotland's sexual health strategy 1 January 2005 Scotland Policy Scottish Executive PDF
Report of the HIV Health Promotion Strategy Group 30 June 2000 Scotland Policy HIV Health Promotion Strategy Group PDF
Protecting health care workers and patients from Hepatitis B 18 August 1993 Information and Guidance for the Occupational Setting Department of Health PDF
Prosecutions for HIV and STI Transmission and Exposure Leaflet 21 March 2013 Scotland Policy HIV Scotland, THT, NAT PDF
PROMOTING POSITIVE CHANGE - HIV Manifesto for Scotland 29 June 2011 Scotland Policy HIV Scotland PDF
Primary HIV Infection: Knowledge Amongst Gay Men 25 July 2011 Attitudes NAT PDF
Positive Persons' Manifesto 2015 12 May 2015 Scotland Policy Positive Persons' Forum, co-ordinated by HIV Scotland PDF