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Title Date Topic Author Format
Welfare Reform in Scotland: The impact on people living with HIV and hepatitis 22 July 2014 Experiences HIV Scotland PDF
Travel safe: reducing the risk of getting a blood-borne infection when you're abroad 2 April 2008 Information leaflets Department of Health PDF
The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Framework 2011-2015 25 August 2011 The Scottish Government PDF
The Road to Recovery 29 May 2008 Scotland Policy The Scottish Government PDF
The management of HIV-infected healthcare workers in Scotland: Consultation Paper Response 15 August 2013 Scotland Policy The Scottish Government PDF
Tackling Blood-Borne Viruses in Prisons 25 July 2011 UK Policy NAT PDF
Substance Misuse Programme - Hepatitis C, Injecting Equipment Provision 26 July 2011 Epidemiology ISD Scotland PDF
Submission - United Kingdom national guideline on safer sex advice 31 May 2011 HIV Scotland PDF
Standards for psychological support for adults living with HIV 29 November 2011 UK Policy MedFASH PDF
Standards for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Services 25 July 2011 Diagnosis Healthcare Improvement Scotland PDF