National Involvement Standards

The National Involvement Standards (HIV) consists of four individual but connected Standards that together enable the more meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in the services, policies and decisions that affect them, helping ensure that these are built around their real needs and experiences. By enabling the voices and opinions of HIV-positive people to be expressed, heard and acted upon, everyone will be able to provide and receive more effective, focused and impactful services and positively meaningful policies. The National Involvement Standards (HIV) better enable this to be achieved in a nationally coherent, mutually beneficial and transparent way, allowing positive people in Scotland greater self-determination in the solutions to their own needs.

The National Involvement Standards (HIV) have been designed to create a benchmark for quality involvement and have been widely consulted upon with regional and national organisations and people living with HIV to ensure the standards work for everyone.

There are four Standards addressing the key involvement needs of people living with HIV

  1. Commitment – we want long term commitment to wide-ranging involvement
  2. Resources – we want the resources that will help involvement happen.
  3. Information and Communication – we all want communication to be clear and to have our privacy respected.
  4. Evaluation and Development – we want to see the impact of our involvement and build upon it.

Read the draft standards by clicking on the link below:

National Involvement Standards [PDF - 251kB]

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