Primary Care


Primary care services are services provided by general practitioners (GPs or family doctors), dentists, opticians, or other community based medical services. They provide important service for people living with HIV, and people living in at risk communities.

GPs can play an integral role when it comes to your long term health. GPs are experienced in the prevention and management of a wide range of long term conditions, including some that are common in people with HIV, especially as they get older. GPs complement the care you receive from your HIV clinic, addressing non-HIV related health problems. Your HIV clinic and your GP should work together to ensure you get the best possible care. Your GP will leave HIV treatment decisions to your HIV doctor and your HIV clinic can discuss other aspects of your health with your GP.

Our Work

HIV Scotland is developing a briefing paper that will map the presence of GP practices in high, medium and low prevalence areas. We will identify current services being provided by primary care relevant to sexual health and examples of good practice and where opportunities may exist in relation to HIV prevention.