Comprehensive sexual health education plays a fundamental role in equipping young people with the knowledge they need to prevent the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, yet sex education remains a non-statutory part of the Scottish curriculum. Young people are not entering the world with the knowledge they need to prevent them from acquiring HIV, and this lack of knowledge contributes to stigmatising attitudes. Through our research we are identifying examples of good practise in the provision of sexual health education, how it is evaluated and how young people in Scotland learn about HIV in the classroom.

What we’re going to do

Over the next year HIV Scotland will:

  • Contact relevant stakeholders in the provision of sexual health education, including local authorities and health boards, to understand how each area of Scotland delivers this subject.
  • Host a roundtable event bringing together third sector organisations, public health professionals and campaigners to discuss good practice and share expertise on education.
  • Produce a report on the current provision of sexual health education and outline recommendations on how statutory footing for the subject area could be established.

What you can do

Share your story – We want to hear your experience of sexual health education in school. Good or bad, let us know. Email Liam Beattie