Consultations & Initiatives

Recent policy and live consultations relevant to HIV in Scotland.

Source Subject Relevance Deadline Respond Format
Westminster Welfare Reform High relevance for people living with HIV, given impact on Disability Living Allowance, return to work and assessments processes Various parts to measure See NAT Disability Alliance HIV Scotland PDF
NHS QIS Standards in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care High relevance for everyone living with HIV and for services provided or funded by statutory authorities The consultation period is now closed. Finalisation is underway and standards will be published in 2011 The QIS Advocacy Group continues to have an input through HIV Scotland PDF
House of Lords Select Committee HIV and AIDS in the UK A detailed look at HIV and AIDS in the UK Stages – initial written evidence to 18th Feb 2011 HIV Scotland: PDF
Scottish Government Managed Clinical and Care Networks Consultation MCN's exist on a health board basis and are relevant in the context of improving the quality and outcomes of care for people with long term conditions Friday 8 July PDF
HIV Scotland African Country Associations Impact of work with African leaders and associations in Scotland Current to March 2011 HIV Scotland - PDF
HIV Scotland A consultation on data collection in the voluntary sector in Scotland Rationale for data collection, usefulness to agencies and funders and systems Current to June 2011 HIV Scotland -
HIV Scotland Networks Scoping of networks across Scotland and their functions, membership and location Current to June 2011 HIV Scotland -
Scottish Government Range of devolved responsibilities Consultations Continuing Scottish Government
Scottish Government Adult Health and Social Care Consultation Response Social Care Complete PDF
Scottish Government Management of HIV-infected Healthcare workers Healthcare Workers 9 March 2012 PDF

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