Anti-stigma strategy

Scotland's Anti-Stigma Strategy: Road Map to Zero

Scotland’s HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy: Road Map to Zero highlights that stigma is still a huge issue for people living with an affected by HIV and demonstrates the need for a cross sector and multi-level approach to create a Scotland free from HIV-related stigma. Defining HIV-related stigma, identifying causes and outlining the ways to address them the Road Map sets out the context for HIV stigma in Scotland and the significant impact it can have on people living with and affected by HIV. There is no singular experience of HIV-related stigma and work to tackle stigma must address the inequalities of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and culture.

The Road Map highlights the available research and best practice to guide us to fulfil targets set by both UNAIDS and the Scottish Government's Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework. The Road Map is one part of the HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy and forms the foundation for the development of the Action Plan.

Uniquely co-produced by the HIV Anti-Stigma Consortium, the Road Map is a leading contribution to the global movement towards eliminating HIV-related stigma. HIV Scotland brought together people living with and affected by HIV, third sector, academics, and NHS to chart the way forward. No single organisation, or person, can successfully eliminate HIV-related stigma - it requires a unified approach that builds on already existing work happening in Scotland.

By taking a strong position on eliminating stigma, inequality and social exclusion, we can make real strides in reaching global targets. The success of the HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy will be based on our capacity to inform, empower, mobilise and engage people living with and affected by HIV who are currently being left behind and to fast-track HIV related legislation and prevention programmes.

Read the Anti-Stigma Strategy: Road Map to Zero [PDF - 339kB]

What is next?

Achieving zero stigma requires an intensified effort that brings together community, third sector and the public sector. Current barriers to success are the inability to address inequality, gaps in policy and lack of cohesion between projects.

The HIV Anti-Stigma Consortium will work to actively involve service providers, decision makers and public bodies as well as people living with and affected by HIV in the development of HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy Action Plan. We want to achieve greater public awareness, a more empowering and supportive legal environment, policies and services shaped by people living with and affected by HIV, and health and care services that are fully compliant with their public-sector equality duty.

The Anti-Stigma Consortium will do this by meeting and consulting over the next three months with additional partners to determine practical and measurable activities and shared responsibility for ending HIV-related stigma.

The Consortium will also be working with key partners to strengthen and sustain political, public and community commitment for reaching our goal of zero stigma by setting a common agenda among key policy and programme makers.

Call to action

The role of the Consortium is to focus on generating commitment and accountability towards the development and implementation of the action plan.

The Consortium has identified five key commitments for partners to make as part of their support for Scotland’s HIV Anti-Stigma strategy.

Partners commit to:

• Ending HIV-related stigma in Scotland.
• Participating fully in designing, implementing and monitoring programmes for reducing stigma.
• Working collaboratively with other partners to introduce necessary policy changes.
• Strengthening meaningful involvement of people living with and affected by HIV.
• Holding each other accountable for progress towards zero stigma goals.

What you can do

For Scotland to achieve zero HIV-related stigma we need a focus on shared responsibility and ownership.

You can help Scotland reach zero HIV stigma by:

• Ask your MSP to support Scotland’s HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy.
• Sign up your organisation to working with the HIV Anti-Stigma Consortium to develop the Action Plan.
• Sign up as an individual to support Scotland’s HIV Anti-Stigma Strategy and Action Plan.
• Challenge negative myths and stereotypes about HIV.
• Share stories and support people who have experienced stigma.
• Endorse the five commitments of Scotland’s HIV-Anti Stigma Strategy: Road Map to Zero.
• Get in touch with HIV Scotland to work together to create a plan for challenging stigma in your life.

For more information on any aspect of this work, please contact Kelsey Smith Policy and Campaigning Officer, 0131 603 8775