Anti-stigma strategy

HIV-related stigma is still a problem in Scotland and more needs to be done. We want to finally bring an end to HIV-related stigma, and so we are developing an anti-stigma strategy for Scotland. Through our research we are identifying what has already been done in Scotland and in the rest of the world. Next, we will set out the actions needed to address HIV-related stigma – whether it be by changing individual attitudes or addressing the social factors that perpetuate stigma.

What we’re going to do

HIV Scotland is approaching the anti-stigma strategy by,

  • Conducting research to identify and learn from what’s already been done, both in Scotland and from around the world.
  • Connecting community groups, academics and professionals with a united aim.
  • Creating opportunities for people to come together to discuss challenges and opportunities, and determine best practice for ending stigma.

What you can do

We want community groups, professionals, and academics with the expertise and passion for ending HIV-related stigma to join us in setting out the actions to ensure we are able to finally end stigma. If you want to be part of creating a real and lasting difference in Scotland, then-

Be a part of the Anti-Stigma Consortium –We are assembling a group of people affected by HIV, professionals and academics to create and own the anti-stigma strategy. In the first year, the consortium will draft the strategy, then jointly publish it. Ending stigma is everyone’s responsibility and so we want to bring people together to create a robust and inclusive plan that will change the lives of people affected by HIV.

To register your interest in the group, email Kelsey Smith

Share your story - We want to hear from anyone who has been affected by HIV-related stigma, to ensure that the anti-stigma strategy is grounded in real life experiences. To share your story email Kelsey Smith

Tell us about your work – We are keen to hear about existing anti-stigma projects, or research into stigma, whatever it may be. We will use all the information we gather to inform the anti-stigma strategy. Get in touch by emailing Kelsey Smith

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We will be posting regular updates about the anti-stigma work on our website, social media using the hashtag #zeroHIVstigmaScotland and in our bulletin.

For more information on any aspect of this work, please contact Kelsey Smith Policy and Campaigning Officer, 0131 603 8775