Our Work

We want Scotland to have the laws, policies and services people living with and at risk of HIV need and deserve.


Every day politicians, health boards, councils, employers and others make decisions that can affect the lives of thousands. We work to make the voice of people living with and at risk of HIV heard by those in power, so their views and experience are represented and decisions are made with their interests at heart.

This work takes us far beyond health matters alone. Take a look at some of the areas we’re working on to find out more:

We decide on these priority areas in a number of ways, discussing challenges and solutions with people living with HIV, people potentially at risk of or affected by HIV, and professionals working in HIV. One key way of hearing from people living with HIV is the Positive Persons' Forum. We support the co-ordination of the event and the production of the Positive Persons' Manifesto (a set of calls for change from people living with HIV in Scotland, updated each year).

If you want to help bring about positive change, there are lots of ways to get involved and have your say. And if you need support or more information, get in touch or find a service near you.