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Monday 9th April 2018

HIV Scotland are currently looking for people to participate in a short interview as part of our work to revolutionise HIV testing in Scotland.

The aim of this peer led research project is to provide further evidence to support the work of the Short Life Working Group on HIV testing in Scotland. The community is an active part of this process and these short interviews will provide greater understanding of the experiences of people accessing HIV testing.

It is important that those living with, affected by and at risk of HIV are involved in shaping the design and delivery of services. Taking part in this short survey will allow us to ensure that testing services reflect the needs and experiences of people who access them.

Your responses will help contribute to our policy work on HIV testing, ensuring the voice of those accessing HIV testing services is heard.

To take part, get in touch at

What’s the time commitment?

Interviews should be no more than 30 mins and can be conducted by telephone or face to face. All responses are anonymous.

What’s the aim of the group?

The survey will help to shape recommendations on new initiatives and strategies, which will have tangible yet ambitious actions to increase HIV testing across Scotland. This work will ensure that everyone has access to regular HIV testing, and will help to reduce Scotland’s undiagnosed population so we have a real chance of getting to zero new infections.

Will anything happen as a result of the recommendations?

The results from the snapshot survey will help to shape the recommendations of the Short Life Working Group on HIV testing. The report which will be published will influence key decision makers in Scotland to revolutionise HIV testing in Scotland, ultimately helping us reach zero new infections.