Provision of Formula Milk for Mothers Living with HIV in Scotland

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Thursday 19th October 2017

Following on from the Cross Party Group on Sexual Health and Blood Borne Viruses, HIV Scotland has written to the Scottish Government regarding the current provision of formula milk for mothers living with HIV in Scotland. In a written response to a Parliamentary Question, the Minister for Public Health stated that the responsibility for the provision of formula milk was through individual Health Boards.

In our letter, we have called on the Scottish Government to consider the clear financial argument which can be made in support of the provision of free formula milk and feeding equipment. Providing formula milk for up to a year for mothers living with HIV would be a low-cost intervention, compared to the lifetime treatment cost for an infant should they contract HIV.

HIV Scotland believes that access to formula milk will bring Scotland’s HIV response in line with best practice medical guidelines and greatly assist mothers who are in vulnerable situations. We will continue to lobby the Scottish Government to ensure that any postcode lottery for access to this prevention option is eliminated.