Human Rights Day

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Thursday 10th December 2015

Human Rights Day is observed by people around the world every year on 10 December.

This year, HIV Scotland and National AIDS Trust (NAT) are working together to provide people with the key facts about their human rights, and the importance of these rights in relation to HIV. Read our quick facts briefing. [PDF - 99kB]

Over the coming months, we'll produce a detailed guide packed with real life examples of human rights issues and people’s views about human rights. This is why on Human Rights Day we're calling on you to:

  • Take part in our Voice. Choice. Rights survey
  • Use Facebook or Twitter to tell us your views, send us pictures or stories to show what human rights mean to you
  • Email us to tell us about times rights have made a difference to your life, or where things have gone badly and rights could have helped.