HIV Scotland's national survey of GPs

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Thursday 23rd November 2017

Today we are publishing the results of HIV Scotland’s National Survey of GPs. The survey provides new insights into the experiences of GPs of HIV and Sexual Health and identifies opportunities to increase testing in primary care and reduce late diagnosis.

Over 450 GPs across Scotland took part in our survey and we found the majority of GP practices currently provide sexual health and HIV services, including testing for STIs and HIV. This should be celebrated and it is important that the public be aware that these services are available to reduce stigma and provide better health outcomes.

Through this research we have also been able to gather new evidence and gain a greater understanding of why testing and diagnostic opportunities are sometimes missed in primary care settings. The survey results also showed knowledge and skills gaps amongst GPs with low confidence levels around sexual health and HIV. Our report identifies solutions and recommends that action is taken in three key areas- improving training and HIV knowledge, increasing testing and data collection.

We are calling for HIV testing to be normalised as part of routine health checks and GP registrations to increase diagnosis and GP practices will require more resources and support to improve testing outcomes.

Read the full report. [PDF - 4MB]