HIV Scotland awarded BMA MEDFASH prize

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Monday 16th October 2017

HIV Scotland is delighted to share that that we have been awarded the first ever British Medical Association (BMA) MEDFASH (Medical Foundation for HIV and Sexual Health) prize for Improving the Quality of HIV and Sexual Healthcare.

We are honoured to have received this award and the recognition of our work on introducing PrEP on the NHS in Scotland, but also for our wider work on human rights, education and involvement in relation to HIV.

Below our staff and volunteers share what it means to us to have been awarded this prize and what you can expect from us in the future.

It’s important to say that we couldn’t have done this without the contributions of our partners. As an organisation one of our strengths is bringing people together. We did this and amazing things happened.

We look forward to continuing to coordinate and support wider activities and strategies to ensure that PrEP is made available in an efficient and equitable fashion as well our wider work in human rights, education and other policy work in relation to HIV and sexual health.

We would particularly like to thank our colleagues Dr Ingrid Young, for the nomination, and Dr Rak Nandwani and Ann Eriksen for their supportive testimonies. Their words are truly valued.

The BMA said of HIV Scotland and the award:

The BMA MEDFASH prize recognises individuals and organisations that have improved the quality of HIV and/ or sexual healthcare in the UK. HIV Scotland has made an outstanding contribution to HIV and sexual healthcare through its multi-sector working, education, engagement and sustained leadership in Scotland. We are impressed by the demonstrable impact it has had on government policy and professional practice. In its commitment to partnership working, high quality and equitable service provision, and policy grounded in human rights, HIV Scotland very much reflects the ethos and values of the charity MEDFASH, which the BMA MEDFASH prize was set up to perpetuate.