Health and Sport committee inquiry on the preventative agenda

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Wednesday 24th January 2018

The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee have been holding an inquiry on the preventative agenda that is seeking evidence on the money being spent on prevention.

Measures to prevent new HIV infections are recognised as a fundamental outcome of Scotland’s HIV response. HIV prevention strategies and the associated spending form an integral part of meeting outcomes of the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Updated Framework.

We submitted evidence to the inquiry in the spring last year and before Christmas the Committee announced they would hold a one off evidence session on Sexual Health, Blood Borne Viruses and HIV.

The Committee invited HIV Scotland to give oral evidence and our CEO George Valiotis spoke at an evidence session this morning. The Committee session covered topics including stigma, Treatment as Prevention, sexual health education and integration.

George spoke specifically about HIV Scotland’s work establishing the HIV Anti-Stigma Consortium and our research into the provision of Relationship Sexual Health and Partnership education across Scotland.

You can read HIV Scotland’s written evidence here and watch the evidence session here online.