Generic drugs and HIV treatment in Scotland

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Wednesday 1st July 2015

NHS Lothian are inviting people living with HIV to come to a meeting on Tuesday 11th August at Waverley Gate, Edinburgh to discuss the use of generic medications for HIV. NHS Lothian are keen to develop a policy around the prescribing of generics and this policy could later be rolled out across Scotland. There are, therefore, potential ramifications for everyone living with HIV in Scotland.

People living with HIV regularly tell HIV Scotland (such as at the Positive Persons’ Forum) that they want to be involved in decisions that affect them. If NHS Lothian develop such a policy and it is rolled out across Scotland this could have a significant impact not only on people currently being prescribed anti-retrovirals, but also on those people who are not yet diagnosed, or who have not yet contracted HIV. So make sure the voice of people living with HIV in Scotland shapes this policy by signing up and coming along.

The prescribing on generics raises a number of questions, including:

  1. We all know generics save the NHS money, but how much?
  2. What drugs are available generically?
  3. When do other drugs become available generically?
  4. Whose drugs are going to change?
  5. Is this policy going to affect me?
  6. Are generics made of different compounds, and therefore will side effects be different?
  7. What happened if I don’t want to change my meds?

More information

Spaces for this event are free but limited - register now to book your place.

NHS Lothian will be providing lunch and will also reimburse travel costs. If you want to come but do not have funds to buy travel tickets in advance, please email Rik at HIV Scotland or call 0131 603 8776 - he may be able to send you a rail voucher.

Please note that this event is for people living with HIV only.