Building a Social Security Agency that works for people living with HIV

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Wednesday 18th October 2017

HIV Scotland has always had the ambition to help build a social security agency that better supports people living with fluctuating and stigmatising conditions, such as HIV. Building on the evidence from a number of Social Security Consultation Events that we held last year, we’ve been engaging in the legislative process which will set up a Scottish Social Security Agency.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been meeting with key decision makers to ensure that the new Agency will be built on the fundamental principles of dignity and respect.

We listened to people living with HIV who said the current assessment process was too stressful, and we’re working to develop a system that people living with HIV, who are unwell, aren’t subjected to gruelling assessments which have been known to perpetuate illnesses.

Working together with community members, we’ve ensured that people living with HIV are on the Scottish Government’s Experience Panels, helping to mould the processes and policies to meet their needs.

Going forward, we believe that achieving a Social Security system which better supports people living with HIV is in our grasp, grounded in personal experiences and investing in our communities.