Positive Persons Forum

Positive Persons' Forum 2016: event summary

The Positive Persons' Forum is a national conference for people living with HIV in Scotland each year. The 2016 forum took place on 13 February 2016 in central Glasgow.

Read a summary of the event [PDF - 1MB] to find out what happened, or take a look at a social media round-up of the day, including key presentations.

The event is organised by HIV Scotland and a steering group of people living with HIV in Scotland. Each year the views shared at the forum are used to create the Positive Persons' Manifesto, a collective statement of the issues people with HIV in Scotland are facing and the changes they wish to see.

HIV Scotland and other organisations use the manifesto to influence decision makers and politicians across the course of the following year.

Why you should be at next year's forum

The Forum brings people with HIV in Scotland together to set the agenda for change in Scotland on HIV issues. The day is a chance to hear about topics relevant to you, to meet and be inspired by other people living with HIV, and to unite your voices so they're heard right across the country by decision makers and service providers.

It's a free event for everyone living with HIV, and a fantastic way to share your views, experiences and priorities for what must change in Scotland to make sure the needs of people living with HIV are met. Hear from one of this year's steering group members on why it's such a valuable day.

More information

If you'd like to know more about the Positive Persons' Forum, or to apply to be a part of the steering group that organise the day, get in touch.