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Title Date Topic Author Format
We Are Like Sisters 10 November 2011 Attitudes Wonu Owuade PDF
Time to test for HIV: Expanded healthcare and community HIV testing in England 30 September 2011 Diagnosis Health Protection Agency PDF
HIV Scotland Data Assessment Report 27 September 2011 Epidemiology By Liita Naukushu PDF
Children and HIV in Scotland 5 April 2011 Prevention Cree, V. and Sidhva, D. View
PROMOTING CONNECTIONS AND WELLBEING 31 March 2011 Experiences Ibrahim Hamani Souley, HIV Scotland PDF
Combination HIV Prevention: Significance, Challenges, and Opportunities 1 March 2011 Prevention Kurth, Celum, Baeten, Vermund, and Wasserheit PDF
Understanding the impact of HIV diagnosis amongst gay men in Scotland 17 February 2011 Diagnosis Flowers, P. et al. View
Increased HIV testing and reduced undiagnosed infection among gay men in Scotland, 2005-2008 16 February 2011 Testing McDaid, L.M. and Hart, G.J. PDF
Short message service reminder intervention 4 February 2011 Testing Bourne, C. et al. PDF
Contact with HIV prevention services highest in gay and bisexual men at greatest risk 31 December 2010 Prevention McDaid, L.M. and Hart, G.J. PDF