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Title Date Topic Author Format
From Pillar to Post 10 April 2012 Experiences Citizens Advice Bureau PDF
Trends in the incidence of HIV in Scotland, 1988-2009 27 January 2012 Diagnosis McDonald SA, Hutchinson SJ, Wallace LA, Cameron SO, Templeton K, McIntyre P, Molyneaux P, Weir A, Codere G, Goldberg DJ View
Understanding the impact of HIV diagnosis amongst gay men in Scotland 13 January 2012 Experiences Paul Flowers, Mark McGregor Davis, et al PDF
Love and HIV serodiscordance in gay men's accounts of life with their regular partners 13 January 2012 Experiences Mark Davis a & Paul Flowers PDF
Migrant Health: Infectious diseases in non-UK born populations in the UK 10 January 2012 UK Policy Health Protection Agency PDF
Focus Group to Assess HIV Voluntary Sector Workforce relating to the Standards on HIV 19 December 2011 Information and Guidance for the Occupational Setting HIV Scotland PDF
Just Normal Young People: Supporting young people living with HIV in their transition to adulthood' 6 December 2011 Experiences National Children’s Bureau PDF
HIV, Human Rights and Asylum Seekers in Scotland - They call me 'You are AIDS' 2 December 2011 Experiences Dr George Palattiyil & Dr Dina Sidhva PDF
HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 1 December 2011 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the WHO Regional Office for Europe PDF
Improving Sexual Health Services in Scotland 30 November 2011 Epidemiology NHS Scotland PDF