Positive Persons' Manifesto

The Positive Persons’ Manifesto 2018 Fact-sheets brings together the voices of people living with HIV from across Scotland to call for change in key areas that affect their lives. It was written following the Positive Persons’ Forum, which took place in Glasgow in July 2017. This event gave those who attended an opportunity to reflect on their experiences, express the challenges they face and propose potential solutions.

Following the Positive Persons’ Forum, a draft of the Manifesto was circulated for consultation –among those who had attended the Forum and some who had not. The responses received from this consultation affirmed that the demands set out in the Manifesto reflect the views of those living with HIV, are relevant to their lives, and represent changes they would like to see.

The Positive Persons' Manifesto 2017 includes six fact-sheets each covering a key issue. These issues are:

  • Education
  • Ageing
  • Mental Health
  • Treatment, care and siupport
  • Involvement
  • Peer Support

Within these areas, calls are made for a new, effective national public campaign around HIV; for sexual health and HIV education for all young people in Scotland; for universal access to mental health services and peer support; and for further involvement in treatment, care and support services. Taken together, the changes discussed express the need for a society educated about HIV; for the right support for people living with HIV; and for the involvement of people living with HIV in all decisions that affect them.

What resulted from the Positive Persons’ Forum was not only a list of demands, but a strong sense that people living with HIV in Scotland want to be part of creating change. Listening to their voices is an essential step in creating effective change that responds to the needs and desires of those living with HIV. We urge you to read the manifesto, to share it with others, and to consider what part you might play in creating this change.

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You can read each of the six fact-sheets by following the links below.

Mental Health
Treatment, care and siupport
Peer Support

Contact HIV Scotland to order copies of the manifesto, to discuss its content and how you can help to create change, to book a positive speaker to talk about their experiences of the challenges set out in the manifesto, or to find out how you can be involved and have your say as part of next year’s edition.