The Staff Team

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George Valiotis - Chief Executive Officer

George is responsible for achieving the strategic ends set by the HIV Scotland Board by ensuring the development and delivery of strategies, operations, the team and culture. George is a member of the SHBBV Ministerial Advisory Group, the PrEP Coordination Group, and the SHBBV Executive Leads Network. He also chairs the PrEP Education & Awareness Group, and the HIV Voluntary Sector Network. George has worked in HIV policy and capacity building across Europe and Australasia and brings experience from a broader range of areas, including diabetes, family mediation, and domestic violence. Contact George with any enquiries about HIV Scotland, our Board or governance.

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Nathan Sparling - Head of Policy and Campaigning

Nathan leads HIV Scotland’s policy and campaigning work and team to prevent HIV transmissions, and achieve the best outcomes for people with HIV, by ensuring our work is informed by people living with and at risk of HIV, is strategic and evidence based. Nathan coordinates the national HIV testing short life working group. Previously he worked in the House of Commons where he was a Senior Parliamentary Adviser, covering many social policy issues including pensions and the devolution of social security powers to the Scottish Parliament. He has been a prominent campaigner on a number of issues, and was a leading voice in the campaign for equal marriage in Scotland. He has also led a number of national campaigns in the political sphere, and was a Political Adviser on the Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Act. Contact Nathan for more information on our work.

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Jeffrey Hirono - Policy and Research Officer

Jeffrey is responsible for the socio-political research that informs the work of HIV Scotland. In particular, Jeffrey explores inequalities that drive negative health behaviours, including HIV-related stigma and the factors which create and reinforce barriers to HIV testing. Working alongside the Short Life Working Group on HIV Testing, Jeffrey is researching the barriers to HIV testing in Scotland to produce evidence-informed interventions aimed at reducing the levels of undiagnosed individuals and to effectively promote early diagnosis within HIV-vulnerable populations. Jeffrey previously worked within the Australian human services sector by informing policy on migration, refugee, and disability rights where he was responsible for recommending disability sector. Contact Jeffrey to learn more about the research that is informing HIV provision in Scotland.

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Rebecca Sibbett - Communications Coordinator

Rebecca is responsible for HIV Scotland's public profile and the delivery of its external communications, media relations, website, and the production of our various publications. She also coordinates Scotland's Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Testing Week as well as World AIDS Day activity. Rebecca has seven years experience supporting communications within the third and public sectors. She has worked on a range of multi-platform campaigns highlighting health and social care issues to the general public. Contact Rebecca with any media or communication related enquiries.