About HIV Scotland

HIV Scotland is the national HIV policy organisation for Scotland.

We exist on behalf of all those living with and at risk of HIV to ensure that Scotland has responsive policies, quality services and a supportive environment that enable people living with or at risk of HIV in Scotland to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

What we do

We speak out for people living with and at risk of HIV by:

  • Ensuring that the lived experience and viewpoints of people living with or at risk of HIV inform the discourse on HIV issues, health and social policy and service provision in Scotland.
  • Engaging with people living with and affected by HIV to shape policy in Scotland.
  • Providing information, training and resources.
  • Signposting to evidence, expertise and community experience.

Our Vision

We want Scotland to be a country where people living with or affected by HIV receive and shape excellent services delivered by well-informed, empathetic workers in a society devoid of HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage the greater involvement of people living with or affected by HIV to develop evidence-based policies that meet the HIV-related needs of people in Scotland.

Our Values

We take responsibility to uphold these values as individuals and as an organisation. We use them in our work and demonstrate to others that they can expect us to:

  • Involve people: We engage people in a meaningful way because we believe the best outcomes are achieved by working together. We are clear about our purpose; we notice and address barriers; we are patient, respectful, and show understanding.
  • Promote equality: We foster and promote diversity and the right to be different; to one’s own beliefs and values; to be free from discrimination; and to have choice, dignity and be valued.
  • Be accountable: We are honest, fair, professional and responsible. We use resources wisely; ensure accuracy in our work; make sound decisions; take accountability for our actions; and consistently apply these values.
Investors in People

HIV Scotland is an employer accredited by Investors in People.