Living with HIV?

This section contains information and advice for people living with HIV.

If you have just found out you have HIV you may be feeling anxious and worried. Many people are afraid they won't have long to live but improvements in treatments mean it's possible to have a normal and healthy life expectancy.

Make sure you know the facts about transmission, it’s the best way to keep others and yourself protected.

Are you connected to help and support? Visit our Service Finder to connect to healthcare, social care, support groups and more.

Telling others about your HIV status can be stressful. It can be difficult to decide when and how to tell people, or whether to tell them at all. Make sure you know the facts about when disclosure is required by clicking here and get tips on how to tell.

You may be looking for advice and information on your employment, your benefits or advice on HIV and the law. Find more about your rights here.

You may have lots of questions about healthy living. Many people living with HIV are concerned and confused about treatment, may just need some advice on keeping healthy, or want help with dealing with addiction.