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Title Date Topic Author Format
To test or not? HIV antibody testing amongst gay men. 1 January 2002 Testing Flowers, P. and Church, S. View
Time to test for HIV: Expanded healthcare and community HIV testing in England 30 September 2011 Diagnosis Health Protection Agency PDF
The effectiveness of HIV behavioural risk reduction interventions for MSM 1 April 2007 Behaviour Herbst, J.H. et al. View
Substance Abuse and HIV: Treatment 13 August 2010 Behaviour Jeanette M. Tetrault, MD, David A. Fiellin, MD, and Lynn E. Sullivan, MD PDF
Short message service reminder intervention 4 February 2011 Testing Bourne, C. et al. PDF
Sexual risk behaviour of men who have sex with men: emerging patterns and new challenges 1 February 2010 Behaviour Hart, G.J. and Elford, J. View
Sexual risk behaviour for transmission of HIV in MSM: recent findings and potential interventions 1 July 2010 Prevention McDaid, L.M. and Hart, G.J. View
Sexual risk behaviour and knowledge of HIV status among community samples of gay men in the UK 31 May 2008 Behaviour Williamson, L.M. et al. View
Sexually transmitted infections in black African and black Caribbean communities in the UK 1 November 2008 Diagnosis Health Protection Agency PDF
Sexually Transmitted Infection Service Use and Risk Factors for HIV Infection 1 September 2006 Behaviour Allen, C. et al. View