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Title Date Topic Author Format
AIDS mortality in African migrants living in Portugal 11 June 2009 Epidemiology Williamson, L.M. et al. PDF
Practical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV Prevention 1 January 2007 Prevention UNAIDS PDF
Behavioural strategies to reduce HIV transmission 6 August 2008 Behaviour Coates, T.J. Richter, L. and Caceres, C. PDF
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Young women and limits to the normalisation of condom use: a qualitative study. 14 May 2009 Prevention Williamson, L.M. Buston, K. and Sweeting, H. PDF
Complementary Therapies: Report 11 January 2010 Treatment Dinh, H. and Bird, N. PDF
Global HIV Prevention Working Group (2008) Behaviour Change and HIV Prevention 1 August 2008 Prevention Global HIV Prevention Working Group PDF
HIV and Sexual Health Promotion Activities for Gay and Bisexual Men 1 June 2007 Prevention Burtney, L. and Hosie, A. PDF
HIV becomes your name 1 June 2005 Attitudes Sinyemu, E. and Baillie, M. PDF
HIV Prevention Report and Recommendations MSM Subgroup 1 January 2008 Prevention Clutterbuck, D. PDF