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Title Date Topic Author Format
It's good to go for a test 1 May 2009 Testing Cree, V.E. PDF
Treatment and Care Needs Assessment: People Living with HIV 1 March 2009 Treatment Johnson, C. PDF
Unprotected anal intercourse, risk reduction behaviours, and subsequent HIV infection 14 January 2009 Behaviour Jin, F. et al. View
Sexually transmitted infections in black African and black Caribbean communities in the UK 1 November 2008 Diagnosis Health Protection Agency PDF
HIV serosorting in men who have sex with men: is it safe? 1 October 2008 Testing Golden, M.R. Stekler, J. and Hughes, J.P. View
Coming to terms with complexity: a call to action for HIV prevention. 6 September 2008 Prevention Piot, P. et al. PDF
Whispers and Closed Doors: The experiences of gay men living long term with HIV 1 September 2008 Experiences Wells, A. PDF
Behavioural strategies to reduce HIV transmission 6 August 2008 Behaviour Coates, T.J. Richter, L. and Caceres, C. PDF
Global HIV Prevention Working Group (2008) Behaviour Change and HIV Prevention 1 August 2008 Prevention Global HIV Prevention Working Group PDF
Sexual risk behaviour and knowledge of HIV status among community samples of gay men in the UK 31 May 2008 Behaviour Williamson, L.M. et al. View