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Title Date Topic Author Format
HIV becomes your name 1 June 2005 Attitudes Sinyemu, E. and Baillie, M. PDF
Increase in HIV sexual risk behaviour in gay men in Scotland, 1996-2002: Prevention failure? 1 October 2005 Prevention Hart, G.J. and Williamson, L.M. PDF
Diagnosis and Stigma and identity amongst HIV positive Black Africans living in the UK 1 January 2006 Diagnosis Flowers, P. et al. View
Increases in HIV-related sexual risk behaviour 1 June 2006 Behaviour Williamson, L.M. et al. View
Sexually Transmitted Infection Service Use and Risk Factors for HIV Infection 1 September 2006 Behaviour Allen, C. et al. View
Practical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV Prevention 1 January 2007 Prevention UNAIDS PDF
Poverty and HIV: Findings from the Crusaid Hardship Fund in Scotland 1 January 2007 Prevention Crusaid PDF
When should antiretroviral therapy for HIV be started? 11 January 2007 Treatment Phillips, A.N. et al. View
The effectiveness of HIV behavioural risk reduction interventions for MSM 1 April 2007 Behaviour Herbst, J.H. et al. View
HIV and Sexual Health Promotion Activities for Gay and Bisexual Men 1 June 2007 Prevention Burtney, L. and Hosie, A. PDF