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Title Date Topic Author Format
Men who have sex with men (MSM) in public sex environments 1 April 2005 Behaviour Frankis, J. and Flowers, P. View
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Unlinked anonymous testing indicates antenatal HIV testing is being successfully implemented. 19 May 2005 Testing Goldberg, D. and Logan, L. View
HIV serosorting in men who have sex with men: is it safe? 1 October 2008 Testing Golden, M.R. Stekler, J. and Hughes, J.P. View
Combination prevention: a deeper understanding of effective HIV prevention 1 October 2010 Prevention Hankins, C.A. and de Zalduondo, O.B. View
Sexual risk behaviour of men who have sex with men: emerging patterns and new challenges 1 February 2010 Behaviour Hart, G.J. and Elford, J. View
Increase in HIV sexual risk behaviour in gay men in Scotland, 1996-2002: Prevention failure? 1 October 2005 Prevention Hart, G.J. and Williamson, L.M. PDF
Gay men's HIV testing behaviour in Scotland 1 October 2002 Behaviour Hart, G.J. et al. View
Good in parts: the Gay Men's Task Force in Glasgow 1 January 2004 Prevention Hart, G.J. Williamson, L.M. and Flowers, P. View
Migrant Health: Infectious diseases in non-UK born populations in the UK 10 January 2012 UK Policy Health Protection Agency PDF