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Title Date Topic Author Format
Complementary Therapies: Report 11 January 2010 Treatment Dinh, H. and Bird, N. PDF
HIV, Human Rights and Asylum Seekers in Scotland - They call me 'You are AIDS' 2 December 2011 Experiences Dr George Palattiyil & Dr Dina Sidhva PDF
Peer led HIV prevention among gay men in Britain 1 January 2002 Prevention Elford, J. et al. PDF
HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 1 December 2011 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the WHO Regional Office for Europe PDF
To test or not? HIV antibody testing amongst gay men. 1 January 2002 Testing Flowers, P. and Church, S. View
Re-appraising HIV testing 16 December 2010 Testing Flowers, P. Duncan, B. and Knussen, C. View
Does peer-led sexual health promotion have a community-level effect amongst gay men in Scotland? 1 February 2002 Prevention Flowers, P. et al. View
Diagnosis and Stigma and identity amongst HIV positive Black Africans living in the UK 1 January 2006 Diagnosis Flowers, P. et al. View
Understanding the impact of HIV diagnosis amongst gay men in Scotland 17 February 2011 Diagnosis Flowers, P. et al. View
Psychosocial factors associated with HIV testing among Scottish gay men 1 January 2003 Testing Flowers, P. Knussen, C. and Church, S. View