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Title Date Topic Author Format
AIDS mortality in African migrants living in Portugal 11 June 2009 Epidemiology Williamson, L.M. et al. PDF
Behavioural strategies to reduce HIV transmission 6 August 2008 Behaviour Coates, T.J. Richter, L. and Caceres, C. PDF
Children and HIV in Scotland 5 April 2011 Prevention Cree, V. and Sidhva, D. View
Circumcision among men who have sex with men in Scotland 30 June 2010 Prevention McDaid, L.M. Weiss, H.A. and Hart, G. PDF
Combination HIV Prevention: Significance, Challenges, and Opportunities 1 March 2011 Prevention Kurth, Celum, Baeten, Vermund, and Wasserheit PDF
Combination prevention: a deeper understanding of effective HIV prevention 1 October 2010 Prevention Hankins, C.A. and de Zalduondo, O.B. View
Coming to terms with complexity: a call to action for HIV prevention. 6 September 2008 Prevention Piot, P. et al. PDF
Complementary Therapies: Report 11 January 2010 Treatment Dinh, H. and Bird, N. PDF
Contact with HIV prevention services highest in gay and bisexual men at greatest risk 31 December 2010 Prevention McDaid, L.M. and Hart, G.J. PDF
Diagnosis and Stigma and identity amongst HIV positive Black Africans living in the UK 1 January 2006 Diagnosis Flowers, P. et al. View