About HIV

Knowing the facts about HIV keeps you and others protected and is the best way to help end the stigma surrounding HIV. This is important in ensuring that people living with HIV are treated with dignity, respect and fairness.

Read all about getting tested for HIV here. And if you're looking for information on the new self-test kits, you can find everything you need to know here.

Do you know the facts about HIV? It is important to know what role you can play in preventing HIV transmission. Find out the facts about HIV here.

If you have just found out you have HIV you may be feeling anxious and worried. Improvements in treatments mean it's possible to have a normal healthy life expectance. Click here to make sure you have access to the right information and support.

If you are a friend, relative or partner of someone who has HIV, you may not know that HIV is now a manageable long-term condition with a normal life expectancy. Click here to learn more.

Knowing your HIV status puts you in control, if you want to know more about HIV testing and what to expect, click here.